Santhonoré embraces the theme of saints, looking at them with new eyes and interpreting the tradition in its own contemporary way.

It draws inspiration from the Christian tradition and creates a collection of over 20 subjects that, in respect of the iconographic attributes of each saint, take the form of real pop icons.

For the new Santhonoré collection, we deliberately chose only female figures, enhancing the delicate lines of the faces through the use of bright and never overdone colors. Each drawing captures an extraordinary richness of details, in the garments and in the backgrounds, a blaze of colors and details, to pay homage to extraordinary figures such as Sant'Agata, Santa Giulia or Santa Rosalia.

In respect of tradition, each saint has a protection that is finely cited in each image: Sant'Anna, protector of mothers, Santa Lucia, protector of the eyes, Santa Caterina invoked by girls in search of a husband or Santa Elena, patroness of those looking for lost items.

The pop icons of Santhonoré, regardless of what your beliefs are, bring home a decoration that gives a nod to design, in the form of a friendly image to protect yourself or your beloved.

Who doesn't have a friend who has to take an exam at school? Or a friend looking for a husband? Santa Filomena and Santa Caterina are the best choices for these occasions.

There are also many professions that have their patron saints in Santhonoré collection: architects, dentists, cooks ...

And if you really don't find yourself in masters, nurses or singers, opt for Santa Sofia: protector of smart people!

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